Why should I pay someone to inspect my on-site sewage facility (ossf) system?

For 3 main reasons:

1. Legal requirements. Many counties and cities in the state of Texas require their residents to have a licensed company inspect their systems.

2. You, your family, and your neighborhood’s safety. Your ossf system is an active waste water treatment unit. It is comprised of pieces that are always running and parts that need to be able to run at any given time. ALL of the motors and pumps involved WILL fail. When they do, your system will likely be dispersing the biological hazard of raw sewage. Often, this is irrigated through sprinklers right into the air. This produces many threats, most seriously, water born diseases.

3. Cost savings. The components of your system are costly and can be expensive to replace. You want to get the most time and use out of them possible. Having someone regularly checking your system will help make that happen.


Why should I choose your company?

We are a family run maintenance company that has been servicing the area for the last 5 years. All of our inspectors and maintenance providers are licensed installers that have chosen to focus on taking care of the systems already in place. Being installers, they have a strong familiarity with all of the components involved in your system and are fully qualified to diagnose problems that occur.


What areas/locations do you cover?

Currently we cover six counties in the North Dallas area. They include Collin, Dallas, Denton, Fannin, Grayson, and Hunt.


What do your services include and how much does it cost?

Our services are offered in the term of an annual contract. We will perform three inspections every four months which currently covers the legal requirements of the jurisdictions of our areas. We will produce three reports. One for you, one for the presiding legal agency over your system (whether it be a city or county), and one for us to be able to reproduce for you, if needed. You will be provided with a discounted labor rate for any additional services that may be needed during the contract. Also, we will be available for any emergencies or alarms that occur within 24 hours. Our current rate is $225 for a basic contract of most ossf systems. Please call for specific pricing details and questions.


How do I sign up?

Give us a call! Call Arn Reno at 972.801.4964 or e-mail at arreno@verizon.net

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